First Year Works I

(1) Watercolours on handmade paper, A2

Shape Study in Poster Paints

 Poster paint on cartridge sheet, A2

(5,67) Poster paint on cartridge paper, A2

 I traced out the same ‘Aloe Vera’ image 4-6 times as an experiment, changing the colours  until I felt they ‘go’ with each other.  I chose four sheets that acted as mirror images, placing them together to create a sense of  drama.

 I wanted to express the essence of something bursting forth with life and vitality. Again, I had to change some of the colours to make them now work as a single image rather than fragments. Here, the bright red was useful as it seems to ‘hold’ the shapes the place and unify the image (refer Red Studio by Henri Matisse).

(8) Poster paint on cartridge paper, A0 (A2 x 4, each section is an A2 sheet)

(9, 10) Poster paint on cartridge paper, A2

These images remind me of bits of sky in a wound. Or perhaps a concrete surface with something raw coming out… meat?