First Semester Works II

We began our charcoal module by taking rubbings of the textures around us on newsprint paper.

(11) Collage on newsprint paper, A1

Some quick charcoal sketches…

(12, 13, 14, 15, 16) Charcoal on newsprint, A3 each

(17) Charcoal on newsprint, A3

(18) Charcoal on newsprint, A3
Meanwhile, experimentation with the charcoal texture rubbings continued. Here, I have developed the pattern suggested by the texture of the cracked floor into the roots and branches of a tree.

(19, 20) Charcoal on newsprint, A3


(21, 22) Charcoal on cartridge paper, A3

(23, 24, 25) Charcoal on cartridge paper, A3 each

(26)Charcoal and sketch pen on newsprint, collage, A3 (27) Charcoal on newsprint, collage, A3

(28) Sketch pen and water on newsprint, A1

In one of the experiments, I worked on a sheet until it was reduced to shreds, attacking it with pen, paint, Fevicol, ‘treating’ it by various processes, stretching, stabbing and carefully tearing it as if to test its limits. Finally I preserved the remains of the paper by sticking it on a full sheet.


(29) Mixed media on newsprint, A1