First Year, Second Semester: Charcoal and Collage 2/2

For my the following work from the collage assignment, I used different materials like onion, aluminium foil, a safety pin and bits of thermocol. I set it up like a scene from a play, including small dialogues and narration such as ‘the surgeon has arrived and the operation is about to begin’, with various images from magazines acting as the ‘characters’. It had a very absurd, theatrical and comic feel to it.


(30), mixed media, collage, A2

(31) mixed media, collage, A3

(32) poster paint on cartridge sheet, A3

These works are attempts to express the theme ‘Unity and Variety’. (32) is an earlier work from the poster paint module. However, I was not happy with it as it lacked in skill and originality. Hence I returned to the theme through collage in (31). I maintained a similar color palette, but used a variety of materials. The result was still not satisfactory but I liked the texture of the frayed cloth and hope to use it more effectively in my future work.

I used a variety of materials in my collages. In (33), I have included stickers, magazine cuttings, rejected woodcut prints and postcards. In (34), I used the sticky side of a transparent tape as a background on which I stuck the coloured grains of pencil shavings. In both (33) and (34), I used a transparent OHP plastic sheet. This was interesting as it alters the shape of the paper, creating new edges. In the absence of an opaque background, elements appear to be ‘floating’ in air. It allows colours to rest on it, without being any color in itself. Using transparent materials also allowed me to juxtapose several layers, as shown in the detail.


(34), mixed media, collage, A3

In (34), the central black and white shapes are pieces of the map from Kochi biennale. I continued to use elements of the maps and brochures from Kochi for my next two works (35) and (36), combining printed pieces and drawing. I ‘coloured’ in the shapes with colour-pencils, returning to a child-like understanding of ‘colouring’ to mean filling in a single colour within defined ‘outlines’.

(35) collage, cartridge paper, A1

(36), collage on paper, A1

In (36), the black dot balances the longitudinal shape of the seed in terms of visual weight. The text on it, ‘forming in the pupil of the eye’ from the Kochi Biennale brochure , works with the image of the seed to suggest a theme of formation, growth and life. The idea of ‘map’ or ‘plan’ adds to this feeling as it may be seen as the first stage of construction and ‘development’.

For the last work of the semester (37), I combined several rejected woodcut prints from my printmaking elective into a single image. I also used photographs, paint, foil and natural elements like feathers to complete the work. On the right side, I have subtly hinted at the shape of a large human figure while smaller figures are depicted in the prints. My fascination for foliage seems to have inspired both the first and last works of the semester 🙂

(37) mixed media, collage, A1


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